About the Journal

Scientific Lens: Journal of Management and Resources is a scientific journal under the auspices of ELRISPESWIL - Regional Resources Research and Development Institute, with EISSN: 2964-7088 from the Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Center for Scientific Data and Documentation, Number: SK 0005.29647088/ K .4/SK.ISSN/2022.07, this journal is a forum for scientific publications carried out by lecturers, students, researchers and other community groups. This journal accepts research articles in the fields of management and resource science. This journal is an Open Access Journal which will be published for the first time starting in 2022. In 1 (one) year it will be published 3 times, namely in February, June and October. All articles can be accessed and downloaded freely by those who need them) with Focus & Coverage in the fields: Management, Economics, Operations and Performance Management, Business Risk, Accounting, Business and Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and scientific articles related to Development Innovation, and Human Resources .